Waterways | Pyramid Hill
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Serpentine Creek Canoe Trail


Just a short drive from Pyramid Hill and you will find yourself at Durham Ox and the Serpentine Creek.

The Serpentine Creek is a haven for bird life, the creek is slow flowing making it ideal for most ages and abilities to explore this natural wonderland by canoe or kayak.

The Canoe Trail follows a 5km section of the creek, starting at the canoe ramp on Whytcross Rd.

Download the trail-map brochure on the link below.


Canoe Trail PDF

Kow Swamp


With Mt Hope watching over the large water storage of Kow Swamp, 15km in circumference, it’s a great spot to visit from Pyramid Hill.

The worlds largest single population of human remains from the Pliestocene era (120,000-10,000 years)  have been found at Kow Swamp.

A popular fishing spot with dense tree cover and snags, why not take the fishing rod, boat and/or canoe, there is also a grassed area, BBQ, toilets and parking