Pyramid Hill | Organisations
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Pyramid Hill & District Historical Society
McKay St
Pyramid Hill 3575
Opening Hours: Tuesdays 10am to 3pm at the Museum, and/or by appointment.

A winner of the Shire of Loddon "Best Tourist Attraction". Preserving and promoting the history of Bald Rock, Mincha, Pyramid Hill, Durham Ox, Mincha West, Sylvaterre, Loddon Vale, Mologa, Macorna, Terrick Terrick & Yarrawalla.

President: Allan Mann  0428 722 966
Secretary: Helen Stevens 0481 367 585

Treasurer: David Demaine  0400 596 026

Pyramid Hill Cemetery Trust
Laceys Lane, Pyramid Hill

Contact; Terry Stobaus

Pyramid Hill Lions Club

Contact; Tanya Quinn

5455 7521
Pyramid Hill Neighbourhood House
Units 5-8
43-45 Kelly Street
Pyramid Hill 3575

Co-Ordinator Available;

Monday 3-6pm

Tuesday, Wednesday 10-6pm

Thursday 10-4pm


Email Address;


Home of the Pyramid Hill Press.

Submissions due by Monday night to
5455 7129
Pyramid Hill Op Shop
Kelly Street, Pyramid Hill

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10.00am to 5pm.


Contact; Betty Mann on 5455 7048 or

Rose Harris.

Pyramid Hill Progress Association
Pyramid Hill

2017 Committee:
President:  Mr Nev Miller

Secretary:  Mrs Jean Mann

Treasurer:  Ms Raelene Fletcher