Agriculture & Transport | Pyramid Hill
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Agriculture & Transport

Agriculture & Transport

Business Name
20 Barber St
Pyramid Hill
Shane & Emma Carmody

Buses for charter

Business Phone Number
0427 557 092
Kelly St
Pyramid Hill 3575

Open every Wednesday 9.00am to 3.00pm

Where; Behind the old maternal health building in Kelly Street.

Please contact Matty if you would like to join or to call in another day.

Contact; Matty Down  0437 938 168

Business Phone Number
0437 938 168
Business Name
Mincha West 3568

Wayne and Heather Ladson

 H A Y   S A L E S
Lucerne, Rye Grass and Clover small Square Bales.

For all your Horse and Stock feed needs

Wayne 0427 559 290

Matthew 0438 876 670

Bradley 0427 113 747


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