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Caravan Park

Pyramid Hill Caravan Park
Victoria Street, Pyramid Hill

Our attractive and well kept park is within walking distance of the town centre and adjacent to the Lion’s Park where there is an electric barbeque. Tennis courts and the public swimming pool are also adjacent with the lawn bowls club nearby.



✓    RV Friendly Town

✓    CMCA Friendly Park

✓    Pet friendly (excluding the cabin)

✓    The park has 18 powered sites and 12 unpowered sites

✓    An onsite cabin can sleep 6 people

✓     Laundry facilities

✓    Dump point situated in the park

✓     All sites are connected to town water

✓     Walk to town centre – supermarket, bakery/cafe, coffee shop, hotel etc.

✓     Walking track to our iconic granite hill


Current Fees:    Powered site $15.00 per night
Unpowered site $10.00 per night
Cabin $80.00 per night



To book or for further information please contact
Paul or Kathryn Carter
0417 111 297