Pyramid Banter | Pyramid Hill
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Pyramid Banter

Past Pyramid Banter’s

Pyramid Banter

Slightly Off The Beaten Track



A short detour off the Loddon Valley or Murray Valley Highways is where you’ll find the peaceful township of Pyramid Hill; named after the very distinctive pyramid shaped granite formation that stands alongside the town. Locals simply call it “The Hill” while visitors often remark their surprise at the natural resemblance to the Pyramids. Locals and visitors alike often wander down the walking track from town and find themselves spending much more time “up the hill” than they had planned. Endangered plants, wildflowers, birdlife and native animals provide a picturesque environment for nature lovers. Walking tracks offer a range of options; a leisurely walk around the base, a slightly more challenging walk to the first look out, or an even more adventurous walk/climb to the top. For the more exploratory travellers, going off track and finding your own way to the top will lead to the discovery of forgotten caves and crevices.


The Hill is only the beginning of the natural attractions surrounding Pyramid Hill. Mt. Hope (recently featured on ABC Open) is only 10km from the township. The Terrick Terrick National Park- only 15 minutes from town- is one of the most well-preserved homes for native wildlife in Victoria. Amongst a variety of native animals the park is also home to over 200 species of native flora and over 100 species of native birds; including the Plains Wanderer- much to the excitement of bird watchers from all over the world.

If you’d rather explore our inland waterways, you’ll find an abundance of opportunities for fishing, canoeing, boating, or simply just relaxing by the water. The township is within driving distance of many different options for those who love water; including Kow Swamp, the Gunbower and Serpentine Creeks, the Loddon River and the Murray River.


The township itself does not only provide a welcoming home base for the above adventures, but travellers often find themselves spending time exploring the town itself. Whether it be a quiet cuppa or meal in one of the local businesses, finding a bargain at the Op Shop, taking a walk down memory lane at the award winning museum, or immersing themselves in local culture and checking out some good old country footy at the town’s home ground. Travellers from all over the country and the world often mention how glad they are to have stumbled across such a lovely little town, and stay a bit longer to unwind and enjoy the friendliness and ease of being in Pyramid Hill.


Accommodation is available at the RV friendly Pyramid Hill Caravan Park or the Victoria Hotel. V-line services run multiple times a day on the Melbourne – Swan Hill line, providing an affordable and easy option for those who prefer not to drive.

We can’t wait to see you in Pyramid Hill!


Words by Gabrielle Kent