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Bendigo Bank Agency & Filipino Food Store
13 Kelly St
Mark Lacey
Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm
Filipino Food Store Tuesday 4pm-6pm
Bank CLOSED Tuesday
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03 5455 7305
03 5455 7276
CFA Pyramid Hill
15 Kelly Street
Pyramid Hill

Captain – Steve Mann

Secretary/Treasurer – Vaughan Herrick

E B Mawsons & Sons
Pyramid-Leitchville Road, Pyramid Hill.

Cohuna Head Office:
141 King George Street,
John Mawson
Pyramid Office: 5455 7304 Cohuna Office: 5456 2409
5456 2428
Football/Netball Club
PO Box 17
Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill Football Netball Club is part of the Loddon Valley Football Netball League Inc. The seasons traditionally start in April and finish early September.
Check out our facebook page;

Club President: Bruce Moon
Secretary: Marie Scott
Treasurer: Fiona Moon

Netball Contact;  Kim Lister

Follow us on Facebook
5455 7328
Mobile Sheep Dipping
Pyramid Hill
Geoff & Colleen Hampson
Mob: 0429 823 293 Phone: 5455 1263
Northern Victorian Quarter Horse Association

Contact;  Dorothy Kaye

The Northern Victorian Quarter Horse Association is situated at the base of the ‘Hill’.   We have a beautiful arena, a great club room and plenty of yards.  We meet on second Sunday of every month.


5436 5258
Palmody Bus Line
20 Barber St
Pyramid Hill
Shane & Emma Carmody

Buses for charter

0427 557 092
Pyramid Hill & District Historical Society
McKay St
Pyramid Hill 3575
Opening Hours: Tuesdays 10am to 3pm at the Museum, and/or by appointment.

A winner of the Shire of Loddon “Best Tourist Attraction”. Preserving and promoting the history of Bald Rock, Mincha, Pyramid Hill, Durham Ox, Mincha West, Sylvaterre, Loddon Vale, Mologa, Macorna, Terrick Terrick & Yarrawalla.

President: Allan Mann  0428 722 966
Secretary: Cheryl McKinnon  0409 557 888

Treasurer: David Demaine  0400 596 026

Pyramid Hill Basketball Association

The Basketball competition is played in the summer months at the Pyramid Hill College Stadium.





Contact; Fiona Moon

Pyramid Hill Bowling Club
98 Victoria St
Pyramid Hill 3575
5455 7181
5455 7182